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Globally Acclaimed

Bulk Liquid Software

Integrates a ruggedized, intrinsically safe, touchscreen mobile device with our dispatch and the in-vehicle GPS tracking system.

Enables dispatches to efficiently monitor drive deliveries and facilitates immediate and accurate communication between the driver and dispatch.

Expedites back office reconciliation and payment processing.

Provides drivers with a simple and effective tool to go paperless.

Eliminates errors through the automation of menial driver calculations

Improves driver efficiency and work experience as delivery information is always up to date and accurate

Increases dispatch flexibility to meet changing customer demands as drivers have digitalized site, route and tank information for all delivery locations

Scamp Technology

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Safe, Swift, Simple & KeyVu

Scamp has been involved in the management and distribution of light fuels for three generations.


Increased Visibility Of Fuel Delivery Workflow


Help Eliminate Preventable Events


Centralize Data For Improved Operation Efficiencies


Web Based On-The-Go Dashboard


Fully Customizable


Safety Matrix Control


Cross-Platform Reporting


Who is Scamp For?

Dissatisfied with the software offerings availble, we used our expertise to design & develop a globally acclaimed portfolio of bulk liquid software tools

Process Management
Incident management, delivery safety, delivery efficiency, safety, WCB and TDG audits
Regulatory Compliance Management
Equipment licenses, registration, insurance, inspection, employee certifications, licenses, hours of service compliance
Robust Payroll System
Automated payroll systems to make system management easier
Delivery Safety, Efficiency, Metrics
Measure and manage driver/dispatcher/employee performance, extensive dispatch reporting to help improve logistics performance

Who We Are

Full dispatch application

An Automated dispatch tool that optimizes load size and delivery window. Integration with truck GPS provides real time tracking and alerts if delivery plan is outside of parameters.


Integrates driver schedules & equipment service schedule onto one platform.

Dispatch Reports

Exception based reports improve dispatch focus on customer sites at risk.

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