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We are about safe, simple and swift solutions

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We are about simple, safe and swift solutions.

Process Management

Incident management, delivery safety, delivery efficiency, safety, WCB and TDG audits

Regulatory Compliance Management

Equipment licenses, registration, insurance, inspection, employee certifications, licenses, hours of service compliance

Robust Payroll System

Automated payroll systems to make system management easier

Accounts Receivable

Tracks freight rates and auto adjusts fuel surcharge, reconcile BOL against deliveries to ensure proper invoicing, reconcile customer payments, electronically generally customer invoices

Accounts Payable

Electronic credit cards and statement reconciliation, fuel cards and card lock invoices, document management, statement reconciliation, electronic filling, logical look up


A robust data base enables customized reporting

Delivery Safety, Efficiency, Metrics

Measure and manage driver/dispatcher/employee performance, extensive dispatch reporting to help improve logistics performance

Fleet Efficiency

Repair and maintenance performance tracking, fuel and DEF use

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