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Scamp has been involved in the management and distribution of light fuels for three generations.

Scamp Technologies

Full dispatch application

  • An Automated dispatch tool that optimizes load size and delivery window
  • Integration with truck GPS provides real time tracking and alerts if delivery plan is outside of parameters


  • Integrates driver schedules & equipment service schedule onto one platform
  • Gathers tank inventory data through an automated fuel inventory collection process effective across all inventory delivery formats
  • Optimizes delivery windows using historical tank throughputs
  • Balances secondary product inventories

Dispatch Reports

  • Exception based reports improve dispatch focus
  • Customer sites at risk
  • Run out verses delivery summary by terminal, customer or site
  • Inventory status or trend by terminal, customer or site
  • Incorrect dip reading
  • Customer terminal allocation status by product

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26988 Gloucester Way, Langley, BC V4W 3Y5